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DigitalGlue Expands Globecast’s Signal Monitoring Capabilities with Additional Support for 92 HEVC Channels


Company enhances existing TAG Multiviewer/Monitoring system to meet growing demands of global service provider

Atlanta, GA – May 14, 2019 – DigitalGlue, a leading equipment, integration, and software development provider, has enhanced Globecast’s monitoring capabilities by adding an additional 92 channels to the global solution provider’s existing TAG Multiviewer and monitoring system located in the Company’s Culver City, CA Media Center. The new channels, all HEVC signals, were deployed to meet the diverse needs of Globecast’s substantial and growing customer base.

“Monitoring the health and quality of its signals is a critical function for Globecast, a company that helps customers manage and deliver their content,” explained Sean Busby, DigitalGlue president. “Reliability can’t be compromised, so we installed a TAG video monitoring system in 2016 and have been upgrading it over the years as Globecast adds new customers. Today there are 354 channels all running on the same, but enhanced, original platform.”

DigitalGlue initially installed a TAG MCM-9000 IP-based Multiviewer to monitor 80-channels running on Dell COTS servers. The scalable, software-only platform, optimized with support for all emerging standards, has enabled Globecast to easily expand in terms of capacity and variety of signals. Prior to this most recent upgrade, the system had been monitoring only MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 streams, but the incorporation of HEVC signals – which involves a higher compression ratio and is far less common – takes it to the next level. DigitalGlue additionally furnishes Globecast with SLA support.

Ken Fuller, CTO Globecast Americas, said, “We all know how competitive the content consumption landscape is and providing a premium quality service to our customers is crucial. Our use of TAG’s Multiviewer and monitoring technology is central to that and the support from DigitalGlue has been very helpful. As our business continues to grow, being able to easily and cost-effectively expand our monitoring capabilities has proved invaluable.”


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