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Cinegy to showcase Cinegize and Cinegy Air PRO 8K at BroadcastAsia 2019


Stand 4F2-03 (Bavaria Pavilion), BroadcastAsia, Suntec Singapore, 18-20 June 2019: Cinegy, a global leader in video compression technology and broadcast software solutions, will feature Cinegize, which uses Cinegy‘s Daniel2 GPU encoding technology to provide extremely low latency, purely software-based KVM-Over-IP; and Cinegy Air PRO 8K™ playout, now optimized to be extremely scalable both locally and in the cloud.

Using the massive NVIDIA graphics card’s compute power, Cinegize performs visually lossless compression using its Daniel2 GPU codec. This means that the image data does not have to be moved off the card, which enables an entire 8K frame to be encoded in less than 2ms. UHD is even easier. At the same time, the frame is being sent to the receiver to be decoded, resulting in sub-16ms latency. The entire process requires only a fraction of the total compute power of a GPU, freeing it to perform a wide range of additional tasks.

The ultra-low latency of Cinegize also enables every computer or workstation to be used as a high-quality HD, 4K, or 8K video source that can broadcast across a LAN to many recipients at once. Many applications, such as high-end post-production, video editing, CAD/CAM, 3D-modeling, eSports others can now be easily done remotely using the Cinegize software solution.

In short, Cinegy’s GPU codec technology makes expensive, hardware-based KVM solutions obsolete.

Also, at BroadcastAsia 2019, Cinegy Air PRO 8K’s GPU pipeline technology will be demonstrated, highlighitng its ability to enable 8K operations – or 4x UHD or 16x HD channels – to be run on affordable, mid-size servers or AWS or Azure GPU-equipped cloud instances. In addition to character generation and branding, Cinegy Air PRO 8K enables a GPU to perform decoding, scaling, color space conversion, mixing, effects, and encoding, making it by far the most versatile and scalable playout solution available.

Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner said, “BroadcastAsia is a very important event that enables us to secure valuable time with media, entertainment, and technology professionals from throughout the region. In fact, we are actively seeking additional regional representation to feature the best that Cinegy has to offer right up to, and including, 8K across our entire product range.”

Sobre Cinegy
Cinegy desenvolupa solucions de programari per al flux de treball col·laboratiu que inclou eines de serveis de IP, captura, edició i serveis de reproducció, integrats en un arxiu actiu per a la gestió integral dels actius digitals. Ja sigui SaaS, piles virtualitzables, núvols o locals, Cinegy és COTS que utilitza maquinari informàtic estàndard i una tecnologia d’emmagatzematge no propietari. Els productes Cinegy són fiables, assequibles, escalables, fàcilment desplegables i intuïtius. Cinegy és veritablement la televisió definida pel programari. Visita per a més detalls.

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